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About Us



VLogic Scientifics

Delivering Powerful and Productive Teaching Aids for Everyone

Welcome to a new world of possibilities in enriching education with our latest collection of teaching aids and laboratory equipment.

Major Value Points

We serve clients all over India with prominent value-based benefits such as,

  • Personalization in Product Development
  • Support for Private Label/OEM Manufacturing
  • Robust Supply Chain Logistics
  • Round-the-Clock Technical Support
  • Configuration Support

VLogic Scientifics Technologies

We started off in 2018 with our roots in Ambala, Haryana, India, with the aim to revise the traditional approaches to education. Our primary services include the development and supply of technical and scientific laboratory equipment. We also provide educational toys for kids to support the foundations of their journey of learning.

All of our products are created with specific attention to safety and precision to help students learn without any risks. The insights of experienced professionals in product design, alongside the use of better quality raw materials in manufacturing, help us achieve perfection with all our products. Our laboratory equipment and teaching aids have found wide-ranging uses across schools as well as pharmacy colleges, medical colleges and engineering colleges. We have helped students uncover the mysteries of science in botany, physics, chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology with our high-quality equipment.

Each product by Vanishika Technologies offers the advantages of high performance, less maintenance, durability and ease of use. As a result, we can prove ourselves worthy of user expectations. We also have an extensive supply chain with partners spread all across the country to ensure that our clients receive their orders on time. Our ultra-modern manufacturing unit features upgraded tools and infrastructure for supporting product manufacturing with the proven assurance of quality. 

The involvement of professionals with years of knowledge and experience in education and technology serves as our foremost strength. Our team members not only ensure that our products can deliver desired outcomes for diverse use cases in education.In addition, quality assurance experts evaluate our products on the basis of multiple parameters. We also provide customized products tailored tothe unique specifications of clients in schools, colleges, R&D centres, universities, industrial workplaces and hospitals.


Why Choose Us

Round-the-Clock Technical Support ?

The support of dedicated staff, including teachers and technical professionals, at all times, helps our clients avoid any issues in using our products. We could also provide the necessary support for resolving any concerns regarding strategies for using educational aids.

Support for Private Label/OEM Manufacturing?

You can get your custom electronic and laboratory equipment or educational toys for kids with our services for creating customized products. We can translate your needs and specifications into customized educational equipment tailored specifically for you or your brand.

Configuration Support?

Our clients don't have to worry about learning how to implement our products in different use cases for education. We offer the necessary resources, such as product manuals and guidance by expert technicians,to help you make the most of our teaching aids and laboratory equipment.

Robust Supply Chain Logistics?

We ensure that all our clients can relax and wait for the timely delivery of their orders with our extensive supply chain network. Our supply chain partners help us provide a door-to-door delivery and expedited delivery facilities. We can guarantee that you will receive your products exactly when you need them.

Personalization in Product Development?

We rely on our in-house team of R&D experts alongside inputs from experienced teachers and educationists for creating our products. The support of our own manufacturing facility with modern infrastructure helps us cater to custom client requirements without imposing the burden of sourcing obligations.We have a full time staff that includes teachers, physicists, and engineers who can answer any technical questions you may have including scientific and curriculum-based questions

Our vision is to create a promising destination for accessing productive equipment to support training and education for learners of all age groups. Learning is a continuous journey, and we want to become the trusted partners of students and teachers across different domains. We want to offer new definitions of the ways of pursuing education with our products and services.

Our mission focuses on offering our products as reliable resources for supporting and promoting education in different settings. Irrespective of the learning environment, whether it is schools, colleges or industrial training, we want to offer tools that encourage engagement while inspiring learners to achieve their learning objectives.

VLogic Scientifics serves electronic and laboratory equipment for the following sectors:

  • Pharmacy
  • Research institutions
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial training facilities