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Auto Photo Colorimeter 8 Filter

The colorimeter is an instrument that allows for the measurement of light and its intensity to match colour as it is perceived by the human eye. The colorimeter compares the measured colour against the standard colours with the color spaces

auto photo colorimeter 8 filter

  • Type: Auto photo colorimeter; Wavelength range (nm): 400 – 700 nm; Resolution: 0.01 A
  • % Transmission: %T: 0 – 100; Absorbance: 0 – 1.99; Photo detector: Wide range silicon photocell; Display: 3 digit bright red seven segment LED display; Keyboard: 1 keys soft touch membrane type; Light source: 6.3V 0.3Amp tungsten lamp
  • Sample system: 10 mm pathlength matched glass test tube; Filters: 400 450 490 520 540 570 620 680 nm filters mounted on turret; Solution volume: 1 ml.; Auto zeroing: Available (for Abs.) and 100% for %T
  • Weight (Kg): 2.5 Kg. (Approx.); Power supply: 230V ±177;10% AC 50Hz; Accessories: Matched test tube: (A set of 5) Spare lamp operation manual and dust cover


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